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The Eye of Horus
Cultural History'As for those learned scribes who lived after the reign of the gods ... their names shall endure forever, though they are gone and all their relatives are forgotten. They did not make for themselves pyramids of copper ... they were unable to have heirs to pronounce their names, but they made heirs for themselves in the writings and teachings that they created.'

—Egyptian papyrus

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Earthlore Explorations Gothic Dreams Cultural HistoryAt the dawn of the twenty first century, we are still awed by Gothic cathedrals, odd, archaic wonders contrasting sharply to structures of later ages. These master works of spirit, constructed for the souls of the medieval faithful, continue to transmit their spiritual heritage... yet, how best may we appreciate the vast legacies they preserve.

Cultural HistoryAn exploration through the history and evolution of Ireland's cultural heritage; from the earliest settlements shrouded within a rich mythological lore, to the contemporary Irish arts, currently inspiring a worldwide audience. Discover the contemporary significance of this vibrant pathway in cultural history, spanning nearly nine thousand years. Earthlore Explorations Ireland

"What constitutes the freedom, the soul of an individual life, is its uniqueness. The reflection of the universe in someone's consciousness is the foundation of his or her power, but life only becomes happiness, is only endowed with freedom and meaning when someone exists as a whole world that has never been repeated in all of eternity. Only then can they experience the joy of freedom and kindness, finding in others what they have already found in themselves."
—Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate

Earthlore's Mystery of Lost and Forgotten Histories Cultural HistoryWith 'millennium fever' still running rampant, there are countless theories being put forth on important chapters of history. This series addresses the need for a sense of order in this ever evolving process. Is there any relevance today for verification of a historical King Arthur hidden in the mists of legend? Here, you can decide for yourself.

Cultural HistoryAn exploration through the history and evolution of the world's astrological sciences; the worldwide studies of planetary forces, which have aimed to secure answers about who we are and what meaning our life has in the unfolding of creation. The Lore of Astrology is a continuation of this ancient quest for understanding. Earthlore Explorations Lore of Astrology

Earthlore Explorations Symbolism

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